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How my journey started

Hello everybody and welcome to my website. I'm Maria and I'm pleased to tell you how I started this website. Family has always been the most important thing in my life. I'm happily married to my wonderful husband for over 40 years. We have two lovely daughters and a countless number of relatives. Our home has always been the place that brought the family together on Sundays for pizza night, or for birthdays, Christmas, New Year... Come up with an excuse and we have opened our home to a lifetime of experiences with our lovely family. I enjoy cooking Spanish and Italian cuisine and either way, my dishes have the same thing in common....They are all enjoyed with a bottle of wine. I've had many wine openers in the past. Well you can imagine, that we needed it for all these family gatherings. One thing that always annoyed me, was how difficult it can be to open these bottles, so when I experienced an electric wine opener, it changed my world. There are many electric wine openers on the market, so I was pretty picky when choosing one that could give me a great recurrent experience while being nice to look at. The one I ended up using in my household, was so popular that I ended up buying more to give to my family and friends, and some day my brother said...Maria, why don't you start a webshop and make a small business out of it? I was reaching retirement and thought, that is actually not the worst idea. So here you go, I started e-opener and I hope you will enjoy my products as much as I do. I have personally hand picked the best electric e-opener I could find on the market. I decided to offer these in three different colours as single items or in a convenient gift set. I guarantee you, they will change your way of enjoying good wine from the first bottle you open. If you don't agree, I would love to hear from you to further improve my selection. Enjoy and hope to hear how you experience my collection. All the best Maria

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